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Simplicity, from Sweden.

(via minimaldesks)


This is a really neat reclaimed wood desk by Manoteca design studio located in Bologna, Italy.

The interesting table that you see in the pictures was actually made from an old exterior door. The table is called “outdoor”, a suggestive name in this case. The new piece of furniture can now be used as a dining table for 8 or it can be opened and used as a desk/work station. The design is very interesting and the result is versatile and beautiful.


Creative repurposing of pallets fashioned into desks


Great contrast with the knotty wood floor.


One of the “10 Beautiful Home Offices” from Chictip.


Great lighting can really set the mood.


Eloquently stated.


Proof of Concept:

This represents a lot of the things I aspire to in relation to my own workspace. Stylish, minimalist and above all, functional. Many of the desks I post are often dominated by iPhones, iPads and Macs - it’s refreshing to see one without them.

Sometimes we become distracted by, and obsess over, these mostly meaningless details, convincing ourselves that they will somehow provide us with the willpower we crave. The best way to achieve is to find focus; allow your actual work to take precedence over the means with which you complete it.

Via Dear Inspiration.


Wall-mounted invisible bookshelf above this wood desk. Clever. 


The owner of this desk utilized accent lighting in a way that made an actual desk lamp unnecessary.

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